Ending the dark downward spiral of Chemsex

Chemsex describes the use of libido-boosting drugs, usually crystal meth, mephedrone, GHB or a combination of these, to enhance sex. Most commonly, but not exclusively, practised by men who have sex with men, it fuels sex sessions, often called ‘chill-outs’, where two or more people use drugs and have sex for prolonged periods of up to several days. Now treated by some therapists as a triple addiction – chemical, sexual, and digital because of the pivotal and sometimes compulsive role sex apps play in arranging hook-ups – dependence on chemsex also carries further risks such as spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

While LGBTQ clients with issues around chemsex will build strong foundations in our core addiction individual and group sessions, our dedicated chemsex breakout group will deeply explore the specific issues which influence and ultimately severely limit the people who take part in these behaviours. In a judgement-free space, where crucially ‘alternative’ sexualities and gender expressions are positively embraced, group members share experiences and insights, guided by therapists with specific experience of treating this relatively new phenomenon.

As with our programme for disordered sexual and relationship behaviour, Resort 12 takes a progressive, sex-positive approach to recovery. We understand that long periods of abstention from sex are not realistic or helpful for many clients, and our focus is on disentangling the psychological triggers that lead to destructive practices through holistic, individualised treatment methods. Whether clients decide that a period of abstention is right for them, or choose to stay sexually active, our experts empower them to reclaim their natural sexualities in ways that sustain them and bring genuine, healthful pleasure.